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Top 50 Sales Coaching tools for you to shortlist from

(In alphabetical order)


Sales Training and Readiness Software that combines video training, practice, coaching and collaboration

Allego is a sales enablement platform that helps sales team with their readiness. It enables sales team to build their skills and enhance the knowledge.



Real-Time Guidance for contact centers to increase conversions, deliver a world-class customer experience.

Balto is a real-time call guidance software designed for the sales teams to help drive sales and enhance revenue via improved communication. The software performs speech analytics on the calls and sends alerts with the right content that can be communicated live on the calls.


Bao solutions

Sales Enablement Solution for digital conversation support for your sales success

bao solutions a Sales Enablement platform is a conversation intelligence solution that helps to improve the way to speak to the customers, enable internal team best practice sharing and systematically increase closings. It helps to improve sales and revenue and scale best practices.



Sales enablement & training solution to empower the knowledge, skills and insights needed to perform at the highest level

Brainshark is a sales enablement platform that helps sales team with their readiness.


Callminer Eureka Coach

Call Center Agent Performance Coaching Tool with actionable insights

Callminer Eureka Coach is a cloud-based solution that optimizes agent performance management with actionable insight. It helps to enhance customer relationships and improve ROI.


Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales to drive team performance is the leading Conversation Intelligence platform for sales teams (reps and managers both use chorus).



Sales Enablement tool to maximize CRM value and accelerate sales performance

Cien is an AI powered mobile based sales productivity tool designed for sales professionals to help achieve target numbers. It helps identify skills, behaviors and opportunities which can be worked upon by the sales reps to enhance their performance and achieve quotas.


Closeplan Deal Scorecards

Supports any sales with Opportunity Qualification Scorecards Based on Methodology

Closeplan Deal Scorecards create a common language across teams with actionable qualification scorecards that adapt to any methodology. Sales can qualify opportunities simply and intuitively.



Increase Sales Performance with SuMo Motivate from CloudApps

CloudApps is a sales effectiveness and accuracy platform designed for sales managers to help predict and enhance sales. It takes a data driven approach to close on the deals and add to the win rate.


Dialpad Sell

Sales enablement tool that leverages AI and help sales team close more deals

DialpadSell is a cloud-based business phone solution software for sales teams to increase revenue through sales communications.



Conversation intelligence platform purpose-built to drive human behavior change

ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform that drives human behavior change. It provides valuable insights from conversations that helps in better decision making and improving sales performance. It is used for sales coaching and training.


Frontline Selling

Sales prospecting tools to help B2B organizations effectively engage their buyers and create more quality sales engagement opportunities

Frontline Selling provides sales prospecting software to help B2B organizations to effectively engage their buyers and create quality sales opportunities. It is designed for the sales team to create high-quality conversations and engage in effective activity that drives outcome.



Revenue Intelligence Platform to coach sales reps

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that sales managers use to coach their sales reps.


Conversation intelligence platform for call coaching and guided selling



A revenue intelligence platform and collaboration software for remote sales teams

Jiminny is the platform for all customer conversations using automation and AI to help sales team grow and develop. It is developed for the sales team of any company to reach their goals and grow.


Leaptree Optimize

Dynamic Scorecards for ...

Leaptree Optimize is a Revenue Performance Platform that enables companies to implement dynamic Scorecards to continuously improve the performance of the sales and support teams.



Training, enablement, and coaching software for better results

Lessonly is a LMS software that is used by Customer Service, Sales and L&D functions in a company.



Outcome-Based Sales Enablement to prove the revenue impact of market readiness, coaching and enablement programs.

Leveljump is Salesforce based Sales enablement software that is used by sales and marketing teams to measure ROI on GTM investments, sales enablement and coaching programs.



Sales intelligence tool for customer focused teams. Close deals faster, Coach reps better and collaborate with ease.

MeetRecord helps sales teams to capture intelligence from video calls, implement real-world coaching and close deals faster. It provides a simple, scalable solution to record and analyze all online meetings to create visibility, drive process and behavior changes, and deliver bottom line impact. Leaders can quickly identify what top performers do differently so they can replicate winning behaviors across the entire team.


Membrain CRM

Sales Enablement CRM for B2B Sales

Membrain is a Sales Enablement CRM built for B2B sales teams enabling execution on Sales strategy and build processes for deal winning behaviours.



Sales Training Software to accelerate ramp time and improve performance using data-driven readiness

MindTickle is a sales coaching and training software that helps in sales-readiness.



Sales Engagement Platform, Sales Automation Software

Outreach is a Sales Engagement Platform usable by Marketing, Sales Development, and other Customer facing teams such as the Closing and Success teams.



AI-Powered Sales Productivity Technology with Revenue Intelligence

People.Ai is a Revenue Intelligence software for marketing, sales leaders, sales operations and customer success. It uses AI to unlock accurate attribution to events and campaigns, improve ABM targeting and increase visibility into the buying funnel. The power is to increase the sales team’s productivity, unlock hidden coaching opportunities, and gain actionable deal level visibility into the sales pipeline and also to Accelerate Customer-Facing Team’s Productivity, Increase Reporting Accuracy, Improve CRM Data Quality, and Gain Visibility across the Entire Customer Lifecycle.



Sales Readiness Platform that enables sales training, practice, and coaching

PointForward is a Sales Training platform that provides easy access to more dynamic sales training and helps the teams quickly find the latest materials to enable effective sales conversations. It even certifies that the reps are applying and adapting their skills in real-world situations through video practice and enables real sales coaching to quickly, easily and effectively coach their teams.



Mobile microlearning - Develop employee skills and change behaviors at scale

Qstream is a Mobile Micro-learning app for remote learning, reinforcement of knowledge and job-related skills, and analytics on performance readiness. It is used in industries such as Software, Telecom, Life Sciences, Healthcare, MedTech and Financial Services.



Performance Enablement Platform (PEP) drives the success of each and every individual at scale

Rallyware is a performance [workforce] engagement platform, which is used by various companies and individuals providing them with right learning and business activity tools to achieve their key business goals.



Corporate Training Platform & LMS that turns training into revenue

Raven360 is a corporate learning management platform focused on training customers, vendor partners and employees. This helps to onboard sales faster and increase revenue.


Refract Conversation Intelligence

Sales Coaching Software for Better Sales Conversations

Refract Conversation Intelligence is an AI-Powered sales coaching software designed to help both sales representatives and sales managers improve performance and revenue. The tool records all the calls, supports playback, transcriptions, and scores the performance against the best practices in the organization.



Video-based practice and coaching platform for Sales Enablement and Soft Skills Development

Rehearsal is a video based practice platform. It helps in sales coaching, employee onboarding and skill building.


The complete AI-powered RevOps platform that delivers real-time guidance is an AI-powered RevOps platform that optimizes revenue performance and provides real-time guidance so teams can address the complex needs of buyers. It helps clients by surfacing and recommending what works best for every member of their team, delivering predictable results and optimizing the entire revenue operation


Sales Coach - Online Sales Training | Sales Management Training...

------- - Revenue Intelligence Platform for Customer success, Sales & marketing

SalesDirector is AI based sales and marketing software tool. It provides solutions for Sales, Marketing, Customer’s Success and CRM data entry.



Sales Enablement Platform with just-in-time training, onboarding, coaching and content correlated to quickly boost sales performance

Saleshood is a Sales Enablement platform used by Sales and Marketing teams to boost up sales performance by increasing Sales productivity.



Sales Engagement platform for creating better buying experiences and closing more revenue.

Salesloft is the provider of the leading sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams drive more revenue. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ by Salesloft is the one place for sellers to execute all of their digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to win.



Video-based role-play automation system for sales team to enhance sales conversations

SharperAx is a video-based role-play automation system designed for sales team to help them have enhanced sales conversations and seize all the revenue opportunities. The platform helps the team learn the art of storytelling, facilitating closure on deals and moving prospects to action.


Showpad Coach

Sales coaching and training software that enables sales team to Onboard

Showpad Coach is a a sales coaching and training software tool for sales managers to help new sales employees (such as field sales, sales enablement and inside sales reps), perform their task effectively and increase the revenue.



Technology Platform with Management skills to engage market growth with proven B2B techniques

SmartFunnel is a Sales Collaboration App that helps the sales team achieve their targets through collaboration selling. It helps to increase sales and revenue.



Sales Productivity Platform to drive sales contests, sales learning and sales coaching for remote sales teams.

SmartWinnr is a software as a service based gamification platform for sales teams to increase sales and maintain compliance.


Strategy Mapper

Fully Integrate Your Sales Process in Saleforce

Strategy Mapper is a Sale Intelligence Software. It provides sales leadership unparalleled visibility and access on the progress of accounts and opportunities, to ensure revenue goals are met and exceeded. It is used by Account Executives and Sales Engineers, Sales Leadership, CEO - COO - CMO - CRO.


Syandus Virtual Coaching Platform

Virtual Practice and Coaching Platform to Transform Training into Performance

Syandus Virtual Coaching Platform is a sales coaching platform that helps to transform training into performance and provides the organizations the most innovative, effective, immersive learning technology to increase retention and competency. It helps to scale best practices and improve efficiency.



The Revenue Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Platform to automate workflow providing real-time insights

Troops is a Salesforce automation platform for managing sales, accounts and customer services used by sales teams, account executives, customer success teams and business owners, to increase revenues.


Truly Voice Platform

The calling solution that powers sales engagement through tracking Rep activity at Scale, and capturing every Voice, SMS, And Email Conversation

Truly is a Phone Solution designed for customer facing teams such as Sales, Sales Operations and IT teams, for tracking, coaching and analysis of Customer conversations. It can be deployed in organizations of all sizes.



AI coaching and training platform for call centers

VoiceOps is an AI Coaching and Training platform for call centers usable in industries such as Insurance, Travel and Lending, where call-center performance needs to be enhanced within a short period of time.



Sales Enablement Through Video Playbooks

vPlaybook is a sales enablement platform for sales, marketing teams to increase sales performance, enhance customer engagement and increase revenue.


WorkRamp Training Software

Training Software that helps companies increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction

Workramp is an Enterprise Learning management system for customers and employees. It can be used in Enterprises by Sales and Customer support teams for training of customers and employees.



AI sales coach to drive productive behaviors and improve performance of sales teams

worxogo is a solution for using behaviour design and AI to build a high performance workforce in the Field Force, Inside Sales or Back office teams. It can be deployed in enterprises across the industry.



Sales Performance Improvement Platform that helps sales leaders effectively coach their people

Xvoyant is Sales Performance Improvement Platform is a sales coaching software designed to help the sales leaders effectively train the sales reps and enhance the team’s performance. The tool uses machine learning capabilities to link activity execution and skill development to pipeline sustainability.


Zoho SalesIQ

Hassle-free live chat for customer support & business growth

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat customer support software for website and visitor tracking. It helps to increase sales and revenue and improve ROI.


Zoominfo InboxAI

can sync your sales teams’ email inboxes directly to Salesforce.

Zoominfo InboxAI is a Sales Engagement Software. It can capture contact and activity data buried deep in the email inboxes and calendars of sales representatives. That data is then populated within the CRM system of record -- triggering alerts and generating analytics essential to supporting renewals, managing new business pipelines, and giving every organization a 360-degree view of customers, prospects, and partners.


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